VIDEO: 10 Clips from ‘Miami Vice’


The atmosphere created in these clips and the trailers we have seen alone make me want to see this movie so bad. This is not to mention the Michael Mann films that precede it, let’s see… Collateral, Heat, Ali and Last of the Mohicans? Are you kidding me? Should we expect anything less than the best from Mr. Mann?

Anyway, I have just added 10 clips from the upcoming adaptation of the popular television show Miami Vice to the site. The film stars Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx and that sexy sultry vixen Gong Li, you know, the one that made Memoirs of a Geisha bareable.

If you aren’t quite on the boat to check this one out opening weekend maybe these clips will help change your mind, click here or on the image above to check them out and then see Miami Vice in theaters on July 28.

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