A ‘Hills Have Eyes II’ Update


JoBlo has scored the super scoop when it comes to everything The Hills Have Eyes II as today they reveal the director, the synopsis and even profiles on the mutants in the upcoming film.

First off they confirm that Martin Weisz is in fact the director. Weisz is primarily known as a commercial director and his name has been swimming around this production, but I think we can now consider it a deal.

As for the story, here is what JoBlo gives us as the “official” synopsis:

A team of National Guard cadets stops over at a desert outpost to deliver equipment to some military scientists. They arrive at the research camp to find it mysteriously deserted. Hearing a distress call on their walkies, they set off on what they think is a simple rescue mission into the hills – only to find a tribe of mutants, damaged by nuclear testing, who lie in wait for them…

Simple enough eh? The site also reports that the film will begin shooting on September 4 in Morocco. Meanwhile, ComingSoon is reporting that the film will be released March 2, 2007.

Well, there is much more to the scoop including details on four mutants named Hades, Hansel, Chameleon and Grabber. So to check out the full scoop and get the 411 on the mutes click here.

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