Box-Office Oracle: July 7 – July 9


The best movie of the summer comes out this weekend. I highly recommend you see it and take a friend or two. Heck, take an enemy and build bridges. I think it will hit the $100m mark and will have huge staying power. It has no competition as Supe is already fading. The other release is Scanner Darkly which is opening to a whopping 17 theatres. I’ve heard of slow releases but that looks like a dead release. What will they build up to? 25?

#1 movie predicted correctly: TWO Weeks In A Row (might as well call it three because Pirates is the surest bet since Secretariat in the Belmont)

1. Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest $112.1m

The American public is thirsty for this. You can feel it in the air. It’s going to be craziness. I think the parrot might make a comeback. I really like it after the first week too, it could rule the roost until Miami Vice comes out. Maybe even longer if the R rating hurts that effort.

2. Superman Returns $26.4m

Now this one on the other hand doesn’t have the juice to stick around. Even the apologists have gone underground as they realized a devastating pirate loomed on the horizon. Yeah, it still has an A- on our user ratings but that only proves that Kevin Spacey can register a bunch.

3. The Devil Wears Prada $15.9m

I just want to take a moment to wish my boy Ebert love. You’ve got to stick around until I’m ready to claim the throne, my brother. Get well soon homey.

4. Click $8.5m

I hate that people see this, I hate that money is spent making it, I hate that I have to talk about it. So what I’m saying is I don’t love it. Not even a little bit.

5. Cars $8.3m

Haven’t seen it, probably won’t. I know it has nice buzz but I stopped rolling with Pixar long ago.

6. Nacho Libre $2.5m

Huge money drop from the five to the six spot. I like the marketing of this one if not the execution. Usually it’s just the opposite so I guess some sort of reverse kudos are deserved.

7. The Lake House $2.1

The theory goes that time travel can’t exist because if it did people would already be here from the future. I object to this line of thought because maybe they are here but the rules are set up so that they can’t tell. Wouldn’t this explain a lot of people in your own life? Or even Andy Dick?

8. The Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift $1.6m

If anyone knows how they did the cell phone please inform me. My thought is they recorded the race and then sent it to friends like we do with pics. I’m guessing Japan has better stuff because they are creating the PS3.

9. The Break-Up $1.2m

Okay I have a new idea, a movie with Aniston and Jolie. EVERYONE in the universe would tune in for a comedy where they hated each other. Even the people in Namibia would summon up the courage to build theaters and THEN go see it.

10. Waist Deep $.9m

Anything could be in this slot because the dollars are miniscule. We could see an old mutant friend or perhaps even a mulleted Oscar winner. So I’m not putting any confidence into 800 grand so don’t bet on it or anything. See ya Monday to recap just how many tens of millions I missed Pirates by.

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