The ‘Uglies’ Head to Fox


20th Century Fox is hoping to find their own “Harry Potter”-style franchise as they prepare to release Eragon this Christmas season and they have just picked up the rights to yet another young adult fantasy series of books in “Uglies.”

“Uglies” is a Scott Westerfeld novel that begins a trilogy of stories. “Uglies” itself is a futuristic tale that taps into teen angst over conformity and acceptance. Kids are called “Uglies” until they reach 16 and get surgically transformed into the attractive “Pretties,” who move to the glamorous part of town. A precocious teen is threatened with being denied the procedure unless she spies on a pal who skipped the operation and joined a rebellious group.

Fox has bought the three book series with hopes of a franchise, the other two books are titled “Pretties” and “Specials.”

Currently a screenwriter is being sought to adapt “Uglies” for the screen.

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