Box-Office Oracle: May 19 – May 21


Oh yeah, it’s that time, we call it the weekend and it’s when boyz turn to men and movies turn to flops. Will I win this weekend like our pony Barbaro? You bet your sweet tuckus I will.

#1 movie predicted correctly: 3 Weeks In A Row

1. The Da Vinci Code $44.8m

I think it makes a huge initial splash and then fades for the simple fact it doesn’t sound like a good movie. That always hurts your cause unless you are Titanic.

2. Over the Hedge $40.5m

I’m shocked how close a race this is too, but it’s got 300 more theaters and a PG rating. If I lose this thing I’m burning down an orphanage or something.

3. Mission Impossible 3 $12.1m

No matter how much B-Love cries this one IS a disappointment. It’s made $90m in three weeks but it should have made $120m by now. Sure, you say, what’s $30m in the grand scheme of things? Well, it’s a beach house on Santa Barbara is what it is. It’s another wizard level of enlightenment bought and paid for in the science thing. Man, no one is going to get that joke.

4. Poseidon $10.3m

This one got brutalized by the other dogs of summer. You can’t run a capitalist society without some losers.

5. RV $6.4m

One day, many years from now, people will look back and say “That was a movie?”

6. See No Evil $4.4m

I think the budget was $8m. That’s small, but if you gave me the same amount I could make a real nice film right up for you. Hell, I’ll even take a check if you’re out of money bearing briefcases.

7. Just My Luck $3.6

I bet fathers all across America were cursing under their breathe, “Just my luck, no nudity.”

8. American Haunting $1.7m

This is so little dollars per screen it will probably screw me over somehow.

9. United 93 $1.6m

I love lamp.

10. Ice Age 2: The Meltdown $1.4m

I really don’t know why you’d see this instead of the other kid’s one. Maybe you’re a contrarian?

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