New Kutcher Pic in the Works


I don’t even watch MTV’s “Punk’d”, primarily because I get tired of Ashton yelling at the camera. Does stupid shit all of a sudden become funny when you yell at the camera?

Either way, Sony seems to see something in this kid as they are once again tossing him in one of their latest flicks, an untitled pitch by Kevin Bisch (Hitch) which the spent $2 million against $3 million for.

Apparently Kutcher will be making $10 million against 10% of gross. Yeah, this idiot is pulling down that kind of cheddar for a comedy in which he will do the same thing we have seen him do before. I guess I have to give the guy credit instead of grief, Lord knows I ain’t bringing in ten mil.

As for the flick, the story will be told through the eyes of Kutcher, an L.A. florist whose real art is orchestrating makeups, breakups and hookups throughout the city. Hmmm, so basically audiences are going to have to give this guy the same kind of on-screen attention we give Will Smith? Maybe this attempt will be the final nail, but with ten mil I am sure Kutcher will be at home in his mansion laughing either way.

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