Gere and Howard Take a ‘Break in Bosnia’


Richard Gere and Terrence Howard are both in talks to star in the comedic drama Spring Break in Bosnia for the Weinstein Co. who has North American, Australian and New Zealand distribution rights.

Richard Shepard is set to direct the script he wrote, which is based on an Esquire article by Scott Anderson about the half-hearted attempt he and fellow journalists Sebastian Junger and John Falk made at corralling an alleged Bosnian war criminal. The three found themselves in a predicament when they were identified as a CIA hit squad.

The article was originally set up at Intermedia and Warner Independent with Gere, Howard and Topher Grace all surrounding it, but Warner decided not to move forward.

The Weinstein Co. commitment makes the film a go for a summer start in Europe but it is unsure if Grace will be coming back as well.

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