Eckhart Fills the ‘Bill’


If you haven’t seen Aaron Eckhart in Thank You for Smoking yet you need to. I loved it, Laremy was so-so on it, but you can check out his review here, but let me alert you that his statement saying, “I didn’t feel like Eckhart had much chance to shine,” is way off. Come to think of it, I disagree with Laremy’s review on every level! What was he thinking?

That film gave Eckhart every chance to shine and he proves that he is an actor worthy of much loftier roles than the silly one-line idiot roles he had in such films as Paycheck, Suspect Zero and The Core. That said, Variety brings us news that Eckhart has committed to star in Bill, a comedy to be financed and produced by GreeneStreet Films.

Melisa Wallack wrote the script and will direct the film with her husband, veteran producer Bernie Goldmann. The film will mark the directing debut for both and will start production in May, shooting in upstate New York.

Eckhart plays a man fed up with his job and marriage who bottoms out when he catches his wife cheating. He finds a catalyst for a resurgence when he reluctantly mentors an unruly teen.

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