Alan Menken to Score Mirror Mirror


Tarsem’s Singh’s Snow White adaptation, Mirror Mirror, has found its composer in the form of Alan Menken, best known for his work on The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. Full details from the official press release are as follows:

Eight-time Oscar®-winning composer, Alan Menken, has won more Oscar® statuettes than any other living person and has cemented himself as the man behind the music to the most popular family-friendly films in entertainment. Menken has 34 awards and 33 nominations accredited to his name since he began his career and has written songs and scores for some of the world’s most beloved films including: Beauty and the Beast (two Oscar® wins), The Little Mermaid (two Oscar® wins), Aladdin (two Oscar® wins), Enchanted (three Oscar® nominations), Pocahontas (two Oscar® wins), Hercules (Oscar®-nominee), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Oscar®-nominee), Little Shop of Horrors (Oscar®-nominee), Newsies, and Tangled (Oscar®-nominee). Menken currently has the Tony®-nominated stage musical Sister Act on Broadway with the stage adaptation of Newsies opening on Broadway this spring.

“Despite my love of musicals, of both the stage and film variety, my most intense composing experience actually comes from scoring a movie. The contained period of time when I spend my days and nights living within every fraction of a second of a motion picture is an exquisite combination of being totally at the service of a director’s vision and yet in a powerful position to influence and interpret the meaning of the film. I would consider my career incomplete without having the privilege of composing film scores and the thrill of hearing them fully realized thru the brilliant work of so many fantastic orchestrators, conductors and musicians. Right now I’m deep within the fantastic and beautiful world that Tarsem Singh has created with Mirror Mirror. I was drawn to the film because of its wide family appeal, comedic spirit and adventurous nature, and couldn’t be more excited about the thematic and emotional kind of score he is encouraging me to write,” said Menken.

From visionary director Tarsem Singh (Immortals,The Cell) and producers Bernie Goldmann (300), Ryan Kavanaugh (The Fighter), and Brett Ratner (Rush Hour franchise), Mirror Mirror stars Oscar®-winner Julia Roberts, Lily Collins (The Blind Side), Armie Hammer (The Social Network), Nathan Lane (The Bird Cage), and Sean Bean (HBO’s Game of Thrones). Rounding out the cast are: Mare Winningham (Brothers) as Baker Margaret, Michael Lerner (Elf) as Baron and Mark Povinelli (Water for Elephants), Jordan Prentice (Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle), Danny Woodburn (Watchmen), Sebastian Saraceno (Bedtime Stories), Ronald Lee Clark (Epic Movie), Martin Klebba (Pirates of The Caribbean) and Joey Gnoffo (The Benchwarmers) as the Seven Dwarfs. Written by Melisa Wallack and Jason Keller, Mirror Mirror portrays the untold stories of the family classic Snow White in a magical tale of an exiled princess (Collins) who enlists the help of seven resourceful rebels to win back her birthright as an evil Queen (Roberts) attempts to steal control of the kingdom and the heart of the young prince (Hammer).

Mirror Mirror is set for release on March 16, 2012.

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