Bousman Heads to ‘Wichita’


No, you crazies. Darren Bousman (Saw II) is not a big fan of those Wichita State Shockers [actually, maybe he is] that kicked the shit out of Seton Hall yesterday in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, but he is set to direct a little film called Wichita for the Weinsteins’ genre wing Dimension Films.

The studio acquired Scott Milam’s script for Bousman to direct which is described by Variety as a thriller about an unthinkable crime that destroys the lives of eight characters. Brad Kaplan of Evolution Entertainment, which houses Twisted, brought Milam’s script to Bousman.

Bousman is also set to direct Saw III, which hits theaters on October 27, and he even told me in an interview that he has an extreme interest in directing a flick called Threshold for Dimension Films as well. Threshold and Wichita combined would fill the bill on Bousman’s two-pic deal with Dimension.

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