Barton and MacLaine are ‘Closing the Ring’


To me this seems like an odd duo, but what does my opinion matter. According to Production Weekly Mischa Barton (“The O.C.“) and Shirley MacLaine are set to star in Closing the Ring for director Richard Attenborough.

The film is described as a romantic drama set in Belfast and North Carolina during two time periods: 1943 and 1993. The script, by Peter Woodward, begins when a U.S. B-17 crashes near Belfast, a dying gunner asks a local to return his ring to his girlfriend in America. Half a century later, a young man finds the ring, learns its history and tracks down the girlfriend.

Production is set to begin in May in Toronto at the new Titanic Studios in Belfast. Apparently Barton will finish her work on Hexxx, the horror thriller for director Marc Schoelermann first.

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