Thoms Puts On a ‘Jimmie’


We have just learned that Tracie Thoms, a recent star of the Columbia Pictures musical Rent, has just found herself a plush little role in an upcoming feature entitled Jimmie for director Rosalyn Coleman Williams.

The film was written by Lorisa Bates and Craig T. Williams and pre-production will begin March 2006.

The story is described as a “Boomerang Meets Bridget Jones Diary” set in New York City’s high fashion magazine world. Jimmie is a sexy romantic comedy about a woman who decides to swear off men and focus on her career after a devastating breakup. This woman seems to have all that life has to offer: a demanding yet loving family, a recent marriage proposal from her high school sweetheart and a dream of owning a greetings card business about love. Her perfect world soon crumbles when she finds her man with another woman after their engagement party. In fact, she swears off men and focuses on her career. Love? Who needs love? Success is what she needs to be happy. After years of proving herself in the magazine world, she now fights for the top position of Editor-in-Chief. But what she learns in the process makes her have second thoughts about success and love.

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