Kidman Throws a ‘Bachelorette Party’

Kidman Throws a 'Bachelorette Party'

Variety reports that Nicole Kidman and 20th Century Fox have optioned the novel “The Bachelorette Party” by Karen McCullah Lutz. Kidman apparently intends to produce and star in the feature described as a tale of love, almost marriage, engagement parties and keeping secrets.

What does Publisher’s Weekly say about the book? Well check it out below:

It should come as no surprise that the coauthor of the movie Legally Blonde has penned an equally hilarious, female-bonding-inspired romp. Zadie Roberts is an attractive high school teacher who finds herself fantasizing about the young Abercrombie model in her English class as the rest of her friends pair off in grown-up relationships and get hitched. Not that she’s against monogamy–her soap opera star fianc recently abandoned her at the altar, leaving her a little bit bitter and a lot horny. When she learns her best friend, Grey, is getting engaged to her perfect, prudish cousin Helen, Zadie thinks the world as she knows it might truly have ended. To make matters worse, Zadie must attend Helen’s bachelorette party, complete with tea, yoga and the type of “dull women who have two-hour conversations about the contents of their children’s diapers.” But then the party takes a naughty turn, and chaste and virtuous Helen sets out to prove that she isn’t the “uptight” girl everyone thinks she is. When all is said and done, Zadie must decide if her loyalties lie with her cousin or her best friend. Will she save Grey from a future of unhappiness or simply ruin their friendship forever? Laugh-out-loud funny with a nasty edge, this is chick lit for mean girls.

Hmmmmm… gotta wonder how crazy Helen will get.

Kidman will next be seen in Fur with Robert Downey Jr. and the upcoming Warner Bros. thriller The Visiting.

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