Watch ‘Night Watch’ in Under 3 Minutes!


Well, if you haven’t yet checked out the seven clips for Night Watch we have here on RopeofSilicon you are missing out on what looks to be a cool little flick, a flick that took Russia by storm and hopes to do the same here in the States come February 17. For now, however, Fox Searchlight is giving you a chance to watch the whole film online! Only catch is that it is sped up to the point where it only takes less than 3 minutes!

Night Watch was dubbed the “First Russian Blockbuster” when it broke box office records with its Russian release in July 2004. After much anticipation, it will begin a platform release by Fox Searchlight Pictures on February 17, 2006. Day Watch, the second installment in this epic fantasy horror trilogy will also be released by Fox Searchlight later in 2006.

As you watch the clip several segments are slowed down so you can see the effects and coolness, those segments however can all be seen in our clip gallery.

So, what do you need to do? Begin by clicking here to check out the 3 minute version, and then come back, click here and check out our clip gallery.


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