Who Will be the Next Bond Girl?


Considering Sony Pictures is set to begin filming the 21st James Bond installment, Casino Royale, on January 30 the question of who will be the next Bond Girl will not be the drawn out story last year’s Bond casting was. Daniel Craig was cast as Bond by the way – in case you were living in a hole.

Today a couple of articles were posted online, one over at Variety and then another at IGN FilmForce, both offer up details on the casting of a new Bond Girl, Vesper Lynd, let’s dive in.

The Variety article begins by confirming that Charlize Theron was approached for the role, but after the unfortunate result with Aeon Flux she may be shying away from action pics for the time being. Variety does say that “four actresses are reading for the part this week in London with Craig, who’s just off the set of Warner Bros.’ The Visiting. The hope is that a decision will be reached by next week.”

Who is in the running? Well according to Variety a couple of names include Species beauty Natasha Henstridge and Aussie thesp Kimberly Davies.

So what does IGN have to say? Well, with only Bond and M (Judi Dench) cast for the film so far they give us a breakdown on what roles are yet to be cast and what to expect. here is a snippet:

According to reliable sources, the character of Vesper will be in her late 20s-30s and must be gorgeous.

The film’s heavy (who was not referred to as “Le Chiffre” by our sources but merely as the villain) will be in his late twenties to mid-thirties.

The villain’s girlfriend is a role that the filmmakers are understood to be seeking a name actress or pop star for. She must be sexy and dangerous…

The role of Solari is being described as a commander in the Sudanese rebel army between 40 and 50 years old.

Another supporting heavy is Demetrius, a reckless Mediterranean character in his forties.

Demetrius’ spouse is the thirtysomething Solonge, a European who shares his taste for the high life.

Massus is also of Mediterranean heritage, said to be pushing sixty years old.

This is only a snippet, trust me. Names are thrown around all over the place. Can you guess which one pop singer Seal has been linked with? If not, don’t worry, IGN has it for you by clicking here.

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