UPDATES: ‘Bourne’, ‘Indy’ and ‘JP4’


While this little update isn’t exactly anything more than a, “Yes, they are happening,” it is some good news.

Film site IESB.net got in touch with producer Frank Marshall while he was out promoting the Disney IMAX effort Roving Mars and he dropped some tidbits on a couple of his other upcoming projects. Namely – The Bourne Ultimatum, Indiana Jones IV and Jurassic Park IV.

Here are some tidbits:

The Bourne Ultimatum – Will begin shooting on August 1st. He says it has nothing to do with the book only the title is the same. There may be a relationship starting up between Julia Stiles‘ character and Matt Damon.

Indiana Jones 4 – Will happen immediately following Bourne Ultimatum.

Jurassic Park 4 – Will begin directly after Indiana Jones

There are a few other updates, click here to get ’em.

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