Segal is Getting Smart


It seems the bigscreen adaptation of the one-time popular sitcom “Get Smart” may finally have some legs as Warner Bros. has hired on Peter Segal to helm the feature, which currently has Steve Carell tapped as the star.

At one point Will Ferrell was expected to topline the pic, but his involvement fell off due to a busy schedule, but like the comedic rat he is, Steve Carell has picked up the scraps left behind just as he did with Evan Almighty.

The TV show was created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry and centered on the bumbling Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 for CONTROL, who receives a great deal of help from his competent partner Agent 99, as they battle the forces of KAOS.

The role of Maxwell Smart was played by Don Adams and Barbara Feldon played the role of Agent 99 in the ’60s comedy hit.

As for Segal, his last directorial outing was the remake of The Longest Yard, a movie that does not necessarily give me confidence in this film.

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