Our First Look at ‘Firewall’


For those of you that have checked out the trailer for Harrison Ford‘s upcoming thriller Firewall then you are probably as excited as I am that Ford is coming back to the big screen and it looks like Virginia Madsen and Paul Bettany are going to make this movie electric.

Well Warner Bros. has just sent over our first look at a still from the film and we have tossed it into our gallery which you can check out by clicking here or on the teaser above.

Firewall is set to open on February 10, 2006 as it follows Jack Stanfield (Ford) who works for the Seattle-based (woo hoo Seattle!) Landrock Pacific Bank. He has built his career and reputation on designing the most effective anti-theft computer systems in the industry, protecting the bank’s financial holdings from the constant threat of increasingly sophisticated internet hackers with his complex network of tracers, access codes and firewalls.

Bill Cox (Bettany) has been studying Jack and his family for many months; monitoring their online activity, listening to their calls and learning their daily routines with an arsenal of digital and video recorders and parabolic microphones that tap into the most personal of information. He knows the names of their children’s friends, their medical histories, and the I.D. code for the security station that guards their neighborhood.

Having spent the better part of a year methodically infiltrating every aspect of Jack’s identity, Cox is now ready to make good on his investment.

Get the rest of the story, check out the pic and watch the trailer by browsing over here.

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