Universal Blinks First


Just yesterday there was a story about Leonardo DiCaprio and Stephen Gaghan shopping around the Gaghan script based on the Malcolm Gladwell non-fiction bestseller “Blink.” I didn’t report the story because there wasn’t exactly a story to report, but today word comes out of Variety that the shopping has ended as Universal Pictures has stepped up to pay $1 million for the book rights and $2 million for Gaghan’s writing services.

Gaghan will not only be writing the flick but the will also be directing and Leo is attached to star.

Personally I am not familiar with the story , but Variety gives this description of the novel:

“Blink” is not an obvious candidate for film adaptation. Book primarily explores the ways and whys of how people make snap judgment decisions. Like Gladwell’s prior book “The Tipping Point,” “Blink” has found many of its fans in the business and marketing arenas; Gladwell has become a popular confabconfab speaker.

The movie pitch is based on just one chapter in the book. The main character, to be played by DiCaprio, has a particular gift for reading people’s faces and body language. He tries to use his ability in the corporate world but ends up helping his rich father win a lawsuit by observing potential judges in the case.

Gaghan recently helmed Syriana for Warner Bros. which will hit theaters this November, he also won an Oscar for his Traffic screenplay in 2001.

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