Box-Office Oracle: Nov. 4 – Nov. 6


It’s a strange box office weekend we are heading for coming off the mammoth $30 million showing from Saw II. There are only two notable newbies on the board this week with the kids flick Chicken Little and the war anthem Jarhead. These clearly draw different crowds so no overhead effect will be seen. On the other hand Disney doesn’t often fail on opening weekend.

1. Chicken Little 24.5m
The little chicken that could. A kid’s movie wins the top slot in the grand tradition of Wallace and Gromit.

2. Jarhead 15.7m
I just don’t know where the market will come from on this one but I’m assuming it will indeed come. The teen kids will love it for the rap music; the poets will love it for the introspection. The ladies (and I am sure some men) will love it for Jake Gylenhaal.

3. Saw II 13.0m
This horror has to take a hit now that November is here. I just wish the film was more violent.

4. Legend of Zorro 9.9m
Swashbuckling adventure fans who haven’t been satiated since Pirates of the Caribbean should insure this movie doesn’t have a huge drop-off.

5. Dreamer 4.8m
I don’t know, it’s a movie about a gal and her horse. I thought my gal Scarlett covered that ground in The Horse Whisperer but clearly I was wrong. There is more ground to be covered evidently.

6. Prime 3.9m
You have to give props to Uma. Nobody does it better. She’s fully hot, she’s older, and she trained under a ninja master. I can even forgive the fact she married Ethan Hawke because she followed that decision up with a divorce.

7. Wallace and Gromit 3.2m
All the kids who are really pushy will get a Chicken Little / Wallace and Gromit twin bill with Junior Mints and Cherry Coke thrown in. That’s product placement from your official Oracle sponsors!

8. North Country 2.9m
If only they had more action adventure, or maybe a topless deal with Charlize this coulda been HUGE. I pray I haven’t single handedly set the woman’s movement back.

9. The Weather Man 2.3m
I think this film would have been more entertaining with more Nic Cage as a weatherman; it’s only a few scenes of him doing his thing currently. He’s pretty good too; I could see him doing the local forecast for many a city.

10. Flightplan 2.2m
Did I ever tell you about the time I ran into Jodi Foster? No? Oh, well see that’s because I never have. But you’ll be the first to know when it all goes down.

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