A New ‘Invasion’ is Taking Place


Believe it or not, this time around the title Invasion has nothing to do with aliens as Todd Garner and Mike Fleiss have purchased and are producing the film based on the scripting talents of the writing team consisting of Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan.

The film is going into development and once that is complete it will begin seeking distribution. The story is a horror movie set around a home invasion

McWeeny is the longtime contributer to Ain’t It Cool News and in normal fashion the boys over there are right on top of it as they have a up a bit of a Q&A with McWeeny and Swan, here is a snippet:

Q: How does writing with a partner work, I know you… how the hell does Scotty get a word in edgewise?

McWeeny: It just depends. We each take the reigns for different things. For example, you know Scott. You know about the steel room under his house and the “mysterious disappearances” in his neighborhood. Trust me… writing INVASION will be like writing a script called A WEEKEND AT SWAN’S.

Q: So basically, you’re just phoning this one in and letting him do the heavy lifting?

McWeeny: I’ll be busy counting all the filthy lucre while he writes.

Q: He’s… your bitch?

McWeeny: Lighting cigars with $100 bills… that sort of thing… “Bitch” is such an ugly word. We are Master Blaster. He’s my Quaato. Think of Swan as the mutant psychic growing out of my belly.

The mini-interview goes on to discuss more films mentioned in the Variety article such as Post Human for Revolution and Clive Barker’s Dread for Fox as well as a film not mentioned called Cigarette Burns, so click here to check out the rest.

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