Box-Office Wrap-Up: Oct. 14 – Oct. 16


I was 32 percent off this weekend; I was within a million on five films. I will say it was a strange box office weekend, the top three films were within 1.2 million of each other. In my book that means there was no clear cut winner, no dominant number one. This is my way of rationalizing the fact I can’t pick the number one movie to save my life, I couldn’t hit it if you spotted me the first few letters.

1. The Fog 12.2m (My rank #3, 1.9m off)
Never bet against a horror in week one. It’s just foolhardy, nothing can sink them. Not reviews, not word of mouth, not sword or bullet. Congrats to Sony’s marketing team on a job VERY well done, especially considering there were no reviews on it.

2. Wallace and Gromit 11.7m (My rank #2, .5m off)
The only reason to bet against a kid movie is if you’ve got a horror on the board. Simple lessons, yet ones the Oracle isn’t Oracling.

3. Elizabethtown 11.0m (My rank #1, 3.2m off)
It could have gone a lot worse for Cameron’s music project. I’ll take third and look towards the future director’s cut DVD with this one.

4. Flightplan 6.5m (My rank #5, .1m off)
At some point in a bad relationship you miss the pain when it’s gone. That’s a line stolen from Swingers but I think it applies pretty well to Flightplan. I’ll miss it when it goes, if it ever does.

5. In Her Shoes 6.1m (My rank #6, .5m off)
Nice staying power for this Rom-Com. This is most likely due to the nation nodding respectively towards the B grade given out on this site.

6. Domino 4.6m (My rank: #4, 5.2m off)
Real rocky start for Domino. Add some savage reviews to the mix, an adult rating and you’ve got a bitter road ahead projected for Tony Scott.

7. Two for the Money 4.6m (My rank: #9, .6m off)
It’s still a success given the tiny budget. Every buck it makes off unsuspecting saps is gravy from here on out.

8. A History of Violence 3.6m (My rank: not ranked)
No matter what, this movie was worse than Return of the King.

9. Corpse Bride 3.4m (My rank: #8, 1.2m off)
The money this week is going towards a new project, this time, a man with forks for hands.

10. The Gospel 3.2m (My rank: #10, .5m off)
The last week we’ll have to discuss The Gospel. What is left to say? I liked the part with the commandments.

Weekend Box-Office Estimates
(in millions)
The Fog
Wallace and Gromit
In Her Shoes
Two for the Money
A History of Violence
Corpse Bride
The Gospel

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Weekend: Nov. 15, 2018, Nov. 18, 2018

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