Zellweger Has an ‘Eye’ for Horror


Renée Zellweger is finally doiing a role that won’t garner her an Oscar nomination, then again somehow everything this girl touches turns to gold.

Paramount Pictures has tapped the Oscar-winner as the star of their upcoming remake of the Thailand-based horror flick The Eye to be produced by Paramount-based Cruise/Wagner Prods with Hideo Nakata directing.

The Eye was originally directed by the Pang brothers and was released stateside in 2003. The film follows a blind woman (Zellweger) who undergoes a risky cornea transplant operation that restores her vision, but causes a series of inexplicable events and visions. Unable to decipher what is real from what is a trick of her new eyes, she goes on a desperate path to uncover the truth and find out what it is that she is seeing through her new eyes.

I saw this movie and it is a good one, and I am not sure a remake is necessary. Then again if they go for an R-rating as the original was so dubbed, we may finally be able to get out of the trend to only churn out watered down PG-13 thrillers, uh hem… Dark Water. For God’s sake, give us a thriller that doesn’t require an Unrated DVD release!

Zellweger was also recently attached to star in Miss Potter and will also have a part in Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie. Nakata most recently directed The Ring Two for DreamWorks.

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