29 New Pics from ‘Doom’


Personally I think this movie is going to be a steaming pile. What exactly can you do with a first person shooter videogame adaptation? The “Doom” videogames are extremely boring after the first leve and I can’t see how this one can’t be any different after the first act, but who knows? I have been known to be wrong before, let’s hope I am again.

As for what we are here for, Universal Pictures has just provided RopeofSilicon.com with 29 new stills from Doom and a couple of these feature the first-person shooter action the film will employ to duplicate the feel of the videogame. It’s a bit gimmicky, but I am sure some of you will enjoy it.

To check out the complete gallery of pics click here or on the teaser pic above.

Doom opens in theaters everywhere on October 21st.

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