Schrader to Resurect Adam


Paul Schrader‘s last outing behind the camera found his Exorcist prequel rejected by Warner Bros. but who doesn’t deserve a second chance at telling a gruesome story?

Apparently Schrader is readying himself to direct Adam Resurrected for Bleiberg Entertainment. Personally, with films out there such as Schindler’s List and The Pianist, to name a select few, I don’t think another film focusing on one of the world’s most horrific tragedies is necessary, but recently one of our readers reminded me that stories like this need to be told, need to be remembered. He also poses a great question, “For who will remember these events when the survivors are no longer with us?”

A worthy question if you ask me.

The film will be based on Yoram Kaniuk’s novel, which is about a Jewish circus entertainer who is kept alive by the Nazis to entertain Jews as they march to their deaths. He ends up in an asylum for Holocaust survivors, fighting to survive the madness around him.

The film was penned by Noah Stollman and will be shot in Germany, Romania and Israel.

Production is scheduled to begin next summer.

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