Where Would You ‘Hitch’ a Ride to?


Okay, maybe these aren’t as funny as that horse thinks they are, but I never thought our latest contest to win some Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy DVD goodies could offer up so much fun. The responses have been interesting, plentiful and at times a load of laughs. As people enter the contest they have been asked to answer the question: “Where would you hitch a ride across the galaxy to?”

Check out some of the responses we have had so far and then click here to enter yourself into the contest and give us a bit of your witty banter.

Dorothy from Michigan writes in: A place where men actually put the toilet seat down.

Jackie from Massachussetts writes in: a real good party planet. (no kids!)

Donald from Indiana writes in: all the way to detroit. i hear that they walk with their hands.

Chad from Virginia writes in: Amsterdam so I could roll with peace of mind.

Gerald from Arizona writes in: Any Planet that would take George Bush and all his Stooges and feed then to anything vile enough to eat them. I don’t think there is any kind of life in the Galaxy that could actualy keep that SLIME DOWN.

Steven from Ohio writes in: Cleveland

Stephanie from Massachusetts writes in: DEFINITELY the restaurant at the end of the universe!! Or the planet where all of the scientologists say they come from 🙂

Maggie from Oklahoma writes in: i would go to Pluto and see if there are any other planets uncalled for

Chris from Wisconsin writes in: I’d like to stay on Earth. Unless there’s a planet filled with hot chicks that would want me and only me. 🙂

Edwina from Indiana writes in: Someplace with a free bar, spa facilities and really hot guys!

Gary from Illinois writes in: The planet where there is Sunday 1 and Sunday 2 so I can recover from a really great Saturday

Kristina from Illinois writes in: To the Jungle, to be with Tarzan…I need some lovin’…

James from Indiana writes in: To the planet of Buxom Beauties

Aaron from California writes in: Most likely to a section of the universe where customers weren’t so damn stupid! ;P

Once again, click here to enter to win a The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy DVD, book and towel.

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