More ‘War’, ‘Brothers’ and ‘Sky High’ Pics


We have just added 86 new pics to our gallery of stills as three new films have gotten a nice little update.

First up, is Four Brothers starring Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, Garrett Hedlund and André 3000. The film opens on August 12 and tells the story of four brothers as they set out to avenge their mother’s death. We have added 42 new stills to the gallery, so click here to enjoy them all.

Next up is Sky High starring Kurt Russell, Kelly Preston and Bruce Campbell as we get a new look into the world of superheroes as the young ones attend superhero school at Sky High. The film is set to open on July 29th and we have added 33 new stills to the gallery, so click here to check them all out.

Finally, War of the Worlds has already seen its opening weekend come and go, but as the film continues to rake in the dollars ( so far) we have 11 new looks at the film including stills of the tripods, explosions, and other fun special effects from the film. To check them out they are at the end of the gallery and you can get there by clicking here.

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