Wilson Tapped for Mark Waters’ ‘Mitty’

Variety is reporting that an actor has finally been named to Mark Waters’ The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as Owen Wilson will be taking the lead. The pic was announced back in March when it was revealed that Jim Carrey was once set as the lead and Steven Spielberg was even attached to direct.

The film is set up at Paramount Pictures and is a remake of the 1947 flick, which was based on a short story by humorist James Thurber. The story found Danny Kaye playing a timid man who daydreamed of being a swashbuckling hero. The new feature will retain the concept of a man prone to vivid daydreams, but Variety says the storyline has changed considerably:

In this version, he falls for the daughter of a bank robber. In the ’47 pic, he was caught up with some crown jewels hidden since WWII.


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