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Jamie Foxx recently sat down with the Digital Dish Diva and some fans over at MSN Live for an online chat and we were fortunate enough to receive a copy of the transcript. Check out the interview below as Jamie talks about his upcoming feature Stealth and a whole lot more.

Digital Dish Diva says: Welcome to MSN Live! Today we are pleased to welcome actor and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx who stars in the upcoming film Stealth. Jamie is joining us today from Miami where he is chilling on the beach.

Digital Dish Diva says: Jamie, welcome to MSN Live!

Jamie Foxx says: What’s cracking?!

Manolis_Varnasactor1 asks: Jamie what things in life inspired you to follow an acting career and did you ever imagine that you were going to win an Oscar?

Jamie Foxx says: Never thought I would win an Oscar.

Jamie Foxx says: But I guess I wasn’t dreaming big enough.

Jamie Foxx says: Now I dream differently. (laughs)

Jamie Foxx says: I was a TV kid, you know? All the old shows.

Jamie Foxx says: Flip Wilson, Tom Jones, Sammy Davis Jr. and so that is where I got my inspiration from. (sings a little Tom Jones “It’s So Unusual.”)

ŃΞΟΠ٠ĆĤΙĆҚ asks: What is it like working on the set of Stealth?

Jamie Foxx says: It was exciting to work with Rob Cohen because he had so much knowledge of movies that were action packed.

Jamie Foxx says: It was as if he would process the acting to go along with the technology of movie making and he was a party animal! And I like that. (laughs)

Lila says: Why did you take the role in Stealth?

Jamie Foxx says: The opportunity to work with Rob Cohen and Jessica Biel is not bad to look at.

Digital Dish Diva says: You had some fun toys in the movie. What was your favorite?

Jamie Foxx says: The Gimble which was the apparatus you used as a simulator. Once you look at it on screen it really looked like we were flying.

Digital Dish Diva says: Did you have to train for the role?

Jamie Foxx says: A little bit. We trained on an Air Force Base getting to know the planes and the cockpit so it really looked like we knew what we were doing. The only thing missing was actually flying the aircraft.

Digital Dish Diva says: Did you want the fly the craft?

Jamie Foxx says: I’m scared of heights. (laughs) I would have loved to fly but it takes so much craft and skill in order to fly something like that. I have however flown a twin engine plane before.

Digital Dish Diva says: So if we were in a plane with you and the pilot couldn’t fly, would we be safe in your hands?

Jamie Foxx says: Until we had to land. Now we could fly around for three or four days but we couldn’t land. Basically flying is like taking your car going 100 miles an hour and pulling back the steering wheel and going into the air.

Jamie Foxx says: The landing is trickier. (laughs)

AceAerosmith3 asks: Although not critically received, I thought “Booty Call” was hilarious. Are there any comedies in the future?

Jamie Foxx says: Yes, there are. Myself and Will Smith are getting together to do a classic called “Uptown Saturday Night” which featured Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby.

Digital Dish Diva says: Have you started shooting yet?

Jamie Foxx says: No, not until 2006.

Manolis_Varnasactor1 asks: What is your favorite type of acting to play?

Jamie Foxx says: A role that has meat on its bones meaning where you can see the whole character, how he lives, how he loves, how he hates.

MalignantKeyboard asks: What was the best part of playing Ray?

Jamie Foxx says: The music was eternal. It was eternal. You couldn’t get enough. You wanted to get stuck in a loop. You could keep playing his music.

Digital Dish Diva says: Where did you shoot Stealth? How long did it take?

Jamie Foxx says: We shot in Australia and it took 3-4 months.

Digital Dish Diva says: Is there one scene in this film you are especially proud of?

Jamie Foxx says: My dancing scene when I dance.

Jamie Foxx says: Cuz Stealth made me feel like dancing!

_Gentle_Dog__ asks: Jamie, I just wanted to say you did a wonderful Job as Ray and I admire your acting. You have inspired me to give acting a try and go for my dreams. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Jamie Foxx says: Oh, Gentle Dog. Thank you and good luck. I hope it all works out.

Digital Dish Diva says: Jamie, did you ever think this acting thing wasn’t going to work out?

Jamie Foxx says: Yes, because I thought I was going to be doing music. I never thought that acting would be my thing but I hope I can do this for a very long time.

AceAerosmith3 asks: His films always have a certain look and feel, how was the experience of working with Michael Mann on Collateral??

Jamie Foxx says: It was an incredible, intense, happily draining experience. We would work long hours but the payoff was supreme because I got a chance to work with two greats– Michael Mann and Tom Cruise.

Digital Dish Diva says: Do you keep in touch with actors after you work on a film together?

Jamie Foxx says: Certain actors, I stay in touch with Will and Jada and Tom.

Jamie Foxx says: I stay in touch with Gabrielle Union.

Jamie Foxx says: I stay in touch with Salma Hayek.

Digital Dish Diva says: Is there one actor you want to work with but haven’t yet?

Jamie Foxx says: I think it was after the Oscars everybody that I saw after the Oscars I would love to have a chance to work with. I figure it will take about twenty years to do that. That means I can probably stay employed.

Jamie Foxx says: But Denzel would be at the top of the list.

Kate_MyLady says: What projects are you working on now? How many do you typically have going at one time?

Digital Dish Diva says: Jamie; Right now we are working on “Miami Vice.” So we’re doing it to Miami and also working on an album. I just finished something with Kanye West.

Digital Dish Diva says: What kind of album? When can we expect it?

Jamie Foxx says: R&B/ hip-hop.

Jamie Foxx says: It’s coming soon.

Digital Dish Diva says: We ask every guest this question: What is your idea of an ideal day?

Jamie Foxx says: Ideal day is with friends, great location, great food, great drinks, great times.

Jamie Foxx says: And a girl with a big old booty! (laughs) Just kidding.

Digital Dish Diva says: Jamie, thanks for taking the time from Miami Vice to talk with fans about Stealth.

Jamie Foxx says: Thank you for all the great questions!

Jamie Foxx says: Go see that movie!

Digital Dish Diva says: Go see Stealth opening later this month!

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