Jaa Up for Double-Handed Sword Fighting?

Thanks to the boys at Ain’t It Cool News I was alerted to news on Tony Jaa‘s next film as the news comes from KungFuCinema, and the kicker about this news is that Jaa will be using a fighting style called Double-Handed Sword Fighting, check out the blurb below:

Variety’s Asian film blog Kaiju Shakedown reports that Tony Jaa is teaming up with director Prachya Pinkaew yet again for a third martial arts actioner, this time set in Thailand’s past and featuring swordplay.

According to published information released at this year’s Cannes, Sword will be a “spectacular saga” that “depicts the heroism of Thai history’s legendary warriors as they fight to protect their homeland.”

As for the martial arts, Tony Jaa will be using the ancient art of Dab Thai, or Double-Handed Sword Fighting. This style of swordplay is described as “one of the most beautiful yet lethal weapons arts ever seen on film.”

Dab Thai swordplay is a uniquely Thai martial art that has been around for well over a thousand years. What sets it apart from other Asian sword techniques is the integration of fist, feet and knee attacks. Identical double-edged swords are often used and the sword grips may be employed to attack the enemy’s weak spots, such as joints.

If you are unfamiliar with Tony Jaa, you won’t be for long as he is certain to make his way into mainstream cinema at any moment. He is already rumored to be involved with Die Hard 4.0 and his hit from earlier this year, Ong Bak will be on DVD on August 30th, more on that here.

For now, Jaa will next be seen overseas in Tom Yum Goong in early August, check out more on that film here.


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