‘Crash,’ the TV Series?


Even though I didn’t like the film, I saw the brilliance in it and see the brilliance in this idea if they are able to pull it off as all things seem to be just as they should be to make this work.

The Hollywood Reporter is running a story saying that Lions Gate Television is working hand-in-hand with FX to put together a television drama based on the hit film Crash from Lions Gate Films. The film was written by Paul Haggis with some help from Bobby Moresco who is rumored to be penning the pilot episode while members of the Crash cast including Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser and rapper Ludacris may be returning to reprise their roles! Yeah, that is big news, especially once I tell you this last bit with a straight quote from THR:

Don Cheadle, one of the stars of the gritty drama about race relations in post-Sept. 11 Los Angeles, is likely to appear in and direct several episodes of the project if it goes into series.

The race driven drama that ties in the lives of several people in a post-9/11 Los Angeles atmosphere has pulled in over $48 million and plenty of raving reviews all while opening the eyes of several people who may find themselves judging people by “their cover.” As far as a station to feature the show on Lions Gate Television couldn’t have found a better partner than FX, the station carrying such gritty and risky dramas as “The Shield,” “nip/tuck” and “Rescue Me.” FX doesn’t steer away from controversy and could be jsut the outlet to tell the Crash stories.

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