The Third ‘Bourne’ Has a Scribe


We all assumed the third book in the Bourne series would be made considering the success of the first two films, and we may as well now call it official as Variety lets us know that Tony Gilroy is set to script The Bourne Ultimatum in a deal believed to be worth a tad north of $2 million cash money.

The third film in the franchise based on the Robert Ludlum novels will once again be a loose adaptation of the written material in which Jason Bourne will have to deal with the aftermath of his temporary amnesia suffered in the first film.

Matt Damon has expressed interest in reprising the role publicly and it is assumed he will be returning for what is most likely the third and final film.

Gilroy scripted the first two films in the franchise as well as such pictures as Armageddon and The Devil’s Advocate.

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