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Another week of DVD announcements and this time we have a mixed bag of good ones and three attempts at double-dipping as two unrated editions are included and one double-dip that may just be worth your money.

The Ring 2 (Rated and Unrated)
(August 23rd)

You can almost see the bullshit from here as DreamWorks has announced a rated and “unrated” edition of The Ring 2, one of the largest disappointments of the year so far. What exactly can a watered down horror movie offer in an unrated edition considering there was still so much room in the piss-poor PG-13 rated edition that hit the big screen back in February?

Either way, if you are interested so be it, The Ring 2 in either rated or unrated edition will be released on August 23rd.

Witness (Special Collector’s Edition)
(August 23rd)

Also on August 23rd Paramount Pictures is going back in time and bringing back a classic Harrison Ford film in Witness, and while this special collector’s edition doesn’t exactly seem to be offering a lot it will make a nice addition to the DVD collections out there that haven’t bought it yet, check out the features below:

· 5-Part Documentary: “Between Two Worlds: The Making of Witness”
· Deleted Scene
· Theatrical Trailer
· Three TV Spots
(September 20th)

Next up, is the under-appreciated animated flick Robots, which for some reason didn’t receive the fan-fare I think it should have gotten as it pulled in only $127 million at the box-office while horrible animated flicks such as Madagascar bring in $128 million in its first couple weeks.

Nevertheless, Robots should make a nice addition to any DVD library come September 20th.

Chicago (3-Disc Collector’s Edition)
(September 13th)

Now we come to a DVD I couldn’t be happier to hear is coming out as Miramax is releasing a 3-disc edition of Chicago on September 13th. While I am no fan of musicals, I simply loved this movie, check out the features below:

· Chicago 16 track soundtrack new
· Extended musical performances new
· Song rehearsals new
· Chita Rivera’s Encore new
· Stage To Screen: The History of Chicago new
· Intimate Look at Rob Marshall new
· Academy Award-winning Production Designer John Myre new
· Academy Award-winning Costume Designer Colleen Atwood new
· VH-1 Behind The Movie new
· Deleted Musical Number “Class” performed by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Queen Latifah
· Behind The Scenes Featurette
· Feature Commentary with the Director and Screenwriter
Scary Movie 3.5
(September 20th)

Finally, we come to the movie that should have never been made with a new DVD release to simply double-dip on those unsuspecting consumers that thing “Unrated” always means more sex and more violence, when most often it means nothing of the kind.

Nevertheless, for those of you interested in the Scary Movie franchise and all of its witless attempts at humor, enjoy.

Frasier – The Complete Sixth Season
(September 13th)

Just as I am about to post me review of the fifth season of “Frasier” word comes down on the release date of the sixth, and it seems we will have to wait until September to enjoy it. Just like the last few seasons, the sixth will not come with any special features, but a show such as this doesn’t exactly need them to be considered worth the coin.


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