‘Halo’ Finds Home at Fox and Uni


Microsoft’s demands for $10 million for Alex Garland‘s Halo script proved to be an overwhelming over-estimation as it was met with virtually complete dissatisfaction as it was flamboyantly distributing amongst the major studios this past Wednesday.

As studio after studio passed on the project, citing distaste for the script and a massive dislike for the $10 million price tag it seems a couple of studios decided to team up on the project and see if it could be made worthwhile as 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures picked up the flick but not for the $10 mil.

Instead, Fox and Uni will pay $5 million and Universal will be handling domestic distribution with the film eyeing a 2007 release date at best, which may or may not coincide with Microsoft’s roll out of “Halo 3,” which is certain to be a disappointment as they software giant was hoping it would coincide with the release of Xbox 360.

Oh well, that is what you get with a crappy script.

Halo takes place on a mysterious alien ring-world. Packed with combat, Halo will have you battling on foot, in vehicles, inside and outdoors with Alien and Human weaponry. Your objective: to uncover Halo’s horrible secrets and destroy mankind’s sworn enemy, the Covenant.

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