Lin Directing ‘Fast and Furious 3’

Not too long ago I had pretty much conceded that The Fast and the Furious 3 would never be made, and if it was it would be a direct to video release, but it seems Universal has other ideas as they have tappe Justin Lin to direct the third film in the franchise.

The news comes out of Variety and goes on to say that the pic will begin lensing in the fall in Asia nad the U.S. using the script by Chris Morgan.

The film will be set in the streets of Tokyo and NONE of the previous stars will be reprising their roles, Universal apparently has gone with the slogan “Cars not Stars” for this one and believe the tricked out racers will be able to fill the seats just as well as a Vin Diesel or a Paul Walker.

The story will focus on an American drummed out of the U.S. because of his passion for street racing. He moves to Tokyo and soon learns about “drift racing,” where cars accelerate into turns and then spin out of them, leading to hairpin, hair-raising races around city blocks. The youth runs afoul of the top drift racer.

With the helmer now announced we should be able to expect a leading man sometime soon, but don’t expect too big of a name.


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