Stiller Starring in ‘The Persuaders’


Apparently all the good American TV shows are tapped out for feature film adaptations so Ben Stiller is going back in time to 1971 where he will snatch up the British TV series “The Persuaders” for him to star in along with Steve Coogan.

Have you ever heard of this show? I haven’t, but that doesn’t stop me from telling you what Variety reported as Stiller will play the role originated by Tony Curtis, and British comic actor Steve Coogan will take on Roger Moore’s part.

The article goes on to describe the series, which aired in the U.S. on ABC and in the U.K. for a season, revolved around the adventures of two rich playboys. Curtis was the street-smart millionaire from the Bronx, Moore the upper cruster. They mingled in exotic locales, romancing women and righting wrongs along the way.

Gotta tell you, this one has already bombed in my opinion.

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