Crowe Hits Man with a Phone


Usually a snappy little headline like this is just a play on words using an actor’s name and his/her new movie, but this time it is absolutely true as Reuters reports that Russell Crowe decided he had thrown enough punches as he was arrested on Monday charged with second-degree assault after throwing a telephone at a hotel employee and hitting him in the face, police said.

Apparently Crowe got into an argument at the Mercer Street Hotel in the SoHo district of New York City shortly after 4 a.m. and threw the phone at the worker, who ultimately suffered minor lacerations and was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital, police said.

Making the incident seem more than what it is the report goes on to say that Crowe could face up to a year in prison if he is convicted, so I guess if he were to be convicted and win the Oscar for his performance in Cinderella Man he wouldn’t be able to accept the award in person but could probably say thank you via security cameras from his cell in Chino.

Crowe will be arraigned later on Monday in Manhattan Criminal Court.

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