Holmes and Cruise in Third ‘Mission’


Who would have ever thought that once the James Bond casting rumor mill died down the next casting controversy would surround a teen love interest in Mission: Impossible 3?

Last week rumors began to swirl as to whether or not Lindsay Lohan or “Felicity” star Keri Russell were going to be cast in the third installment of the action franchise, and now the latest name added to the list is current Cruise girlfriend Katie Holmes.

Ananova reports that according to the New York Post insiders say the 26-year-old former “Dawson’s Creek” star “will step up as the leading lady.” Perhaps Cruise will be wearing lifts in the film so the 5′ 9″ Holmes won’t be looking down at the two-inch shorter actor.

If publicity is what the film thinks it needs then it is finding it, but I think anything Cruise does will garner enough attention on its own, especially considering this is the only Cruise franchise, there must be some interest already.

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