Hopper and Mirren Join ‘America’


The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Dennis Hopper and Helen Mirren have joined Polish director Jerzy Kolimowski for the feature film adaptation of Susan Sontag’s 2001 novel “In America.”

The film will be simply titled America, probably so as not to create confusion with 2003’s In America, and centers around a late 19th century backdrop, as Polish actress Maryna Zatezowska (Isabelle Huppert) immigrates to the U.S. and travels to California to found a utopian commune where she soon meets an impresario (Hopper) who revives the actress’ career. Harvey Keitel is also up for a role with production expected to start toward the end of the year in Poland and Spain.

The film is being produced by Gemini Films, which also launched sales on director Paul Auster’s The Inner Life of Martin Frost starring Michael Imperioli, Irene Jacob, Auster’s daughter Sophie and Lieve Schreiber is also in talks for a role as shooting will start in September.

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