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Good Lord have we got a Download for you today. Last week we were pretty much bankrupt but this week we are featuring over 10 new DVD titles and a TON of new titles for the Sony PSP, several with artwork and preorder links!

So without any further dillying or dallying let’s get to it, and remember we always have our most recent additions featured over at the RopeofSilicon DVD Central.

Alexander: Director’s Cut
(August 2nd)

Well, we mentioned it a while back and finally we have specs, release date and artwork for the Alexander DVD editions.

First off here we are featuring the Director’s Cut, while just below you will see the theatrical cut artwork and specs. Both editions will be released on August 2nd, and the Director’s Cut will also be made available in a single edition DVD as you can see from the artwork above.

Now you may think it is odd that the running time for the Director’s Cut is 8 minutes shorter than the theatrical, so what was cut and what is the difference? Well, from rumors around the Net and based on some of the statements Stone has made about the film I am assuming some of the homosexual aspects of Alexander’s life are what have been cut, and as far as the difference between the two movies I am simply curious whether or not Stone will do what he has talked about and present the feature in a much more linear fashion. This, in my estimation, primarily relates to the death of Alexander’s father, which during the theatrical cut just comes out of no where, but we will just have to wait and see.

The features for the Director’s Cut are directly below:

· 167-minute Director’s Cut
· Audio Commentary by Oliver Stone
· Resurrecting Alexander, explores the filming of Alexander
· Perfect is the Enemy of God, provides an in depth look at the details that go into the filming of an epic
· The Death of Alexander, shows interviews with the cast on how they prepared for their roles
· Soundtrack featurette: Vangelis Scores Alexander

Alexander: Theatrical Cut
(August 2nd)

Here you have the Alexander Theatrical Cut artwork and specs listed below:

· 175-minute Theatrical Cut
· Audio commentary by director Oliver Stone and historian Robin Lane Fox
· Resurrecting Alexander – documentary exploring the filming of Alexander
· Perfect is the Enemy of God – Provides an in-depth look at the details that go into the filming of an epic
· Vangelis scores Alexander soundtrack featurette

Sin City
(August 16th)

Talk about a disappointing situation when we learn the first release of the Sin City DVD is going to be a bare bones release when we know of the good things to come.

Fans of Sin City probably already know that director Robert Rodriguez has a two-disc special edition in his pocket, which, to quote our own interview with the man:

“We shot the full stories of the books, and I knew we could truncate it down, knowing that we weren’t going to lose any scenes; eventually they would all be available for people to see,” Rodriguez said. “So the DVD will come out with the theatrical cut, and then there’ll be a separate disc that’s got the individual episodes separated with their own title card, and you can just watch ‘The Big Fat Kill’ from beginning to end, in the full cut as a single story, and then switch over and watch ‘That Yellow Bastard’ and that’s 45 minutes. It’ll have all the material back in. So it’ll be like the experience of picking up the book, where you pick up one story and you read it from beginning to end. And it’ll have all the material in it. You can shuffle your own version of the movie and just watch them all separately.

So, with that edition somewhere far off in the future is all we have to look forward to right now is this barebones release, which according to DVDTimes will have “1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen with English DD5.1 & DTS 5.1 Surround audio tracks.”

The rumor is the special edition will be available late this year or early 2006.

Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith
(November 8th)

Yup, it isn’t even out in theaters yet, but word out of the Lucas camp is that the Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith DVD will be available on November 8th and will have at least 6 deleted scenes on it. Word also says that a box set with all six films will also be available some time in the future.

Kingdom of Heaven
(October 14th)

Only seven days after its theatrical release we receive word that Kingdom of Heaven will be hitting DVD shelves on October 14th, what we don’t know is whether or not this will be a bare bones release or the rumored 4-hour edition or a Master and Commander type of deal where one edition will have virtually nothing on it, while the other will be a massive collector’s edition.

My money is on the latter, but we will have to wait until further details are released.

My Left Foot (Special Edition)
(August 16th)

Buena Vista Home Entertainment has released info on the 1990 Oscar-winning film My Left Foot. As far as we know right now the special features are limited to a couple of featurettes, but if you like you can preorder the title for only $13.99 over at Amazon right now by clicking here.

Prozac Nation
(July 5th)

The Christina Ricci film that is rumored to be quite provocative will be hitting DVD shelves on July 5th.

Prozac Nation is based on the best-selling novel, set in the mid-1980s before the prevalence of anti-depressants, it follows a young working class woman’s (Ricci) bout with depression during her first year at Harvard. The film explores this generation’s struggle to navigate the effects of divorce, drugs, sex, and an overbearing mother (Lange).

To preorder a copy click here.

King’s Ransom (Platinum Series)
(July 26th)

Why, oh why, does this film get a Platinum Series release out of New Line, maybe to make it seem better than it is, is my only guess. Whatever the reason New Line is giving King’s Ransom the treatment, we have detailed all the info below on this film that has so far amassed only $3,868,969 at the box-office and you will be lucky to find it in theaters less than a month after its release.

· More than 20 deleted scenes
· Gag reel
· “Down and Dirty” – Behind-the-scenes documentary
· Theatrical trailer
· DVD-ROM “Script-to-Screen” program
· Photo galleries

Fat Actress – The Complete First Season
(May 24th)

Out of our two TV DVD releases “Fat Actress” is our first as Kirstie Alley sets out to prove she is secure in her massive weight gain. We have no word on special features as of yet, but we do have a trailer for the collection. Click here to check out the trailer for yourself, and here to preorder this beast of a set for your collection.

The Simpsons – The Complete Sixth Season
(August 16th)

No word on this one other than a release date, but if Fox holds true to their earlier releases the sixth season of “The Simpsons” should get quite the special feature treatment. For now, just know that you will see it on shelves on August 16th.

Sony PSP Titles

I am going to simply say we have a TON of new Sony PSP movie titles that we have added recently, primarily due to the fact that Fox and Universal have joined the party. I have listed all of the new titles below, and all of the are clickable, several of them have artwork attached and can be preordered from Amazon right now.


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