Fox and Uni Adding PSP Movie Titles

I am currently looking over five titles for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on my PSP and should have the time to preview them all soon, but I can tell you right now that movies on the PSP are extremely handy when you are stuck in a time wasting situation.

Yeah, playing the games is a lot of fun too, but when you can also sit at the doctor’s office and pop in Once Upon a Time in Mexico isn’t too bad either, and now it seems two more studios are set to join Sony, Buena Vista and Lion’s Gate in producing feature films for the Sony PSP.

The Hollywood Reporter got word that 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures are expected to be releasing titles very soon.

The Uni line-up should include such titles as The Chronicles of Riddick, Assault on Precinct 13 and Van Helsing while Fox is eyeing such audience appropriate films as I, Robot, Napoleon Dynamite, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, Super Troopers and Predator.

We recently added eight new titles to our database of UMD movies for the PSP, all of which you can check out here at our DVD Central where we always list our most recent UMD for PSP titles.


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