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With the Cannes Film Festival and even the Seattle Film Festival just around the corner we are hoping to get even more early looks at some of the more eclectic films coming out this year. The ones that won’t be box-office blockbusters but will probably hit home even more than any of the $100+ million grossing films you will see this year, and we have two galleries filled with pics of a couple of those movies for you to feast your eyes upon.

First up is Where the Truth Lies, the film starring none other than Kevin Bacon, Colin Firth and Alison Lohman in a seductive film noir, adapted by Egoyan from Rupert Holmes’ novel of the same name. The film explores the underbelly of fame, fortune and the mores of sexual convention and to get a look at 13 never-before-seen stills from the flick click here.

Next up is the follow-up to Lars von Trier’s Dogville, Manderlay starring a huge cast of names including Danny Glover, Jeremy Davies, Lauren Bacall, Bryce Dallas Howard, Chloë Sevigny, Jean-Marc Barr, Udo Kier and Willem Dafoe, each and every one of them is featured in our gallery of 14 stills, which can be seen here.

The film is a strange, disturbing story of the Manderlay plantation that lay on a lonley plain somewhere in the deep south of the USA. It was in the year of 1933 that Grace and her father left the township of Dogville behind them, with Grace’s unforgettable verdict: “If there is any town the world would be a little better without, this is it”; and had driven homewards towards the city of Denver.

To get the rest of the story click here.

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