Lucas Chats Up ‘Indy IV’ is reporting some interesting news out of the Lucas camp regarding the Indiana Jones sequel. George Lucas confirmed that Harrison Ford will be in the film. He also said that if a younger actor does appear in Indiana Jones IV it won’t be to take over the franchise; rather it would be to wrap the story up (sorry Young Indy fans). Additionally Lucas detailed the hassles he’s had getting the script where he and Steven Spielberg want it. Six scripts and two re-writes have come and gone and Mr. Lucas still feels change will be needed.

George also waxes poetic for a bit on his great love for digital film. He has tentative plans to show Star Wars in 3-D in 2007 but feels American movie houses are behind the curve with regards to the technology needed.

Lastly Mr. Lucas hinted at an upcoming project about African American pilots in World War II. He’d be looking to cast unknowns for an untitled movie that still needs a script. George has been considering this project for the past 15 years. After the din of Star Wars has faded he’s planning on making the films he wants.

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