Almodovar and Cruz Team for ‘Volver’


If you checked out the Bad Education DVD you would have seen on the Red Carpet feature Penélope Cruz talking about her desire to work with Almodóvar again after her last experience in 1997’s Live Flesh (Carne trémula) and now it has been confirmed that Almodóvar’s next film will be Volver, reuniting the two as it is set to shoot from July in Madrid and La Mancha.

The film is a generational comedy about three women who travel from Spain’s south to Madrid seeking a better life.

Almodóvar told Variety that it’s set in Madrid, said Almodóvar, in “its rumbustious working class districts, where immigrants from all over Spain share dreams, life and fortune with a multitude of ethnic groups and foreign races.”

“In this social setting three generations of women go through fire and water, survive everything thrown at them, including death, thanks to their goodness, boldness and unlimited vitality,” he added.

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