Cox Joins Allen in ‘Zoom’


While Courteney Cox-Arquette was never limited to her role in “Friends” and did see some good screen action in the Scream trilogy, a bit in Ace Ventura and even a small part in the upcoming Adam Sandler flick The Longest Yard she is finally getting some lead roles as she is in the Sony Classics indie November due out for limited release in July and has now been cast as the lead actress opposite Tim Allen in Revolution’s Zoom.

The film will be directed by Peter Hewitt and begins production in July for its May 12, 2006 release.

The story is based on the graphic novel “Zoom’s Academy for the Super Gifted” from Jason Lethcoe, and revolves around an unpopular high school girl who is whisked away by her mysterious father to a school for superheroes, where she discovers her talents. Allen plays Jack, formerly Captain Zoom, an out-of-shape former superhero who has lost his powers and is reluctantly called back into action to turn a ragtag group of kids into a new generation of superheroes in order to save the world from destruction.

Cox will play Marsha, a scientist with the secret agency that runs the superhero program.

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