Final Decision on Bond in the Near Future?


All this rumor and specualtion may finally be able to come to an end as UK Bond dedicated website, MI6, is making a bold statement as they confirm that final decisions on the future of the James Bond role are being made this week in Los Angeles.

They go on to say that all of the movers and shakers in the franchise are in LA to iron out the final creases in the plan that will usher in 007 for Casino Royale. Big decisions are being finalized and news is sure to break soon.

Traditionally, the announcement of a new James Bond would take place in a top London Hotel, with invitations sent out to the press the day before. With the final moves being made in LA, this could change with Bond #6.

If you are keeping up at all with the rumors that seem to pop-up every single day you have probably heard numerous names attached to the role, including Pierce Brosnan‘s name, which seemed like a virtual impossibility, but new rumor seems to indicate that all of the negative talk could have just been some form of a publicity stunt.

On top of that contender Daniel Craig was also “announced” by UK tabloid The Sun as the next Bond, which may or may not end up true as Bond producers refused to comment on the report.

Any which way you put it there seems to be only two real names up for the role, Clive Owen and Daniel Craig, with “nip/tuck” star Julian McMahon on the outside looking in and then there is Brosnan of course.

On top of all the fun news above MI6 also goes on to say that Casino Royale will be heading to Prague to begin its production as the Bond production team made scouting trips to the Czech Republic for potential locations.

Stay tuned as I am sure if the next Bond is named this week it will be the top news on the Net for sure.

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