10 New Movies for the Sony PSP Added!


I am not too sure a handheld video game system has ever been this highly touted, but the Sony PSP has so much to offer that the simply fact it allows gamers to also watch movies on it is simply perfect, plus it gives me one more thing to report on as we have now added 10 new PSP titles to the database and these are some titles I am sure you are going to want to add to your collection.

All the new titles are listed below, click on any one of them to check out the box art if we have it available and to order yourself a copy. If you are one of the few gamers out there that hasn’t yet purchased the system for yourself, click here to get yours from Amazon.com.

To always stay on top of all the latest additions and reviews for the DVDs and PSP UMDs in our database stay tuned to our DVD Central and our Friday issues of the DVD Download of which our inaugural edition just hit publication here.

» Kill Bill – Volume 1
» Van Wilder
» Saw
» Terminator 2
» Open Water
» The Punisher
» Reign of Fire
» Hero
» National Treasure
» Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl

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