‘Alpha Dog’ Hits a Monetary Snag


Some crazy news is coming out of Variety surrounding the film Alpha Dog starring Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, Justin Timberlake and Emile Hirsch and being directed by Nick Cassavetes.

The film focuses on the real-life character named Jesse James Hollywood, an alleged drug dealer accused of masterminding a kidnap-murder.

Apparently there are a couple of problems with the whole production however, and the first surrounds the fact that Hollywood got caught in Brazil and is due to go on trial, and there might be legal problems if the film is released during his trial.

On top of that film financier, Sidney Kimmel, and New Line are in a bit of quarrel over who should pay for the film to be finished. Already well into production Cassavetes has run out of cash and while Kimmel believe New Line should be handing out the money, the studio doesn’t want to pony up the funds until they have seen the film in some form.

There is no chance of this film just disappearing, but its 2005 release seems unlikely and if the legal troubles for the real-life Hollywood do cause the film problems there is no telling when we will see the final product even if it is finished in time for a 2005 or 2006 release.

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