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Welcome to the debut edition of the DVD Download, a new feature on RopeofSilicon.com that is aimed to keep you up-to-date on all the new DVD news for the past week. With the redesign of our DVD Central and the large list of new additions over the past week I couldn’t think of a better time to get this started.

You can look forward to a new DVD Download every Friday from this point forward with all the comings and goings of DVD News, so let’s get this one started.

The Crow: Wicked Prayer

A film that never saw theaters despite the fact that it stars Edward Furlong, David Boreanaz, Tara Reid and Dennis Hopper. Amazon.com has this listed for a July 19th release, click here to preorder yours.

The Errol Flynn Signature Collection

Featuring five of Errol Flynn’s classic films Warner Home Video is releasing this title on April 19th this collection will follow right inline with all of Warner’s Signature collections as it will contain the following goodies:

Bonus Disc

  • The Adventures of Errol Flynn – Acclaimed, Emmy-Award winning documentarians Joan Kramer and David Heeley (Bacall on Bogart, The Spencer Tracy Legacy, The John Garfield Story, Katharine Hepburn: All About Me) cast their sights on the amazing Flynn life story with this new feature length documentary, available exclusively as part of the Errol Flynn Signature Collection. Narrated by Ian Holm, the film traces Flynn’s journey from his Tasmanian childhood to the heights of Hollywood celebrity. Along the way, he goldmines in New Guinea, sails the world, reports on wars, stands trial, goes broke and chases (and catches) far too many beautiful women. Film clips, home movies and interviews that include fascinating commentary provided in 2004 by eight-time Flynn co-star Olivia de Havilland highlight this insightful look at a real life that – often tragically – out-glamoured reel life.

You can click on each title to check out the special features for each movie, or click here to preorder the title for yourself.

D.E.B.S. (Special Edition)

Yup, the film hit theaters on March 25th and it is hitting DVD shelves on June 7th, says a lot for the movie doesn’t it? Called a Special Edition DVD, yet we don’t have a listing of “special” features yet, but we do have a look at a menu shot if you want to click here to check it out, or you can click here to order your own copy.

Riding the Bullet

Stephen King’s eBook adaptation saw a limited theatrical release, but it is ready for the small screen as it will be on DVD on April 19th. We don’t have a list of special features, yet you can preorder the title by clicking here.

Sling Blade (Miramax Collector’s Series)

Mmmm, hmmm… Blade is back and Billy Bob and the defunct Miramax are releasing a Collector’s Edition on June 7th with a director’s cut of the film. There aren’t any additional features yet available but you can click here to get preorder a copy.

Father of the Bride (15th Anniversary Edition)

Next up on the anniversary trail is the Steve Martin comedy Father of the Bride with an all-new 15th Anniversary Edition. Special features are sketchy on this one as well, but we do know there will be a director’s commentary available when it hits shelves on June 7th, click here to order yours.

Tears of the Sun (Director’s Extended Cut)

Antoine Fuqua‘s work gets messed with so much that we have yet another Director’s Cut DVD for the helmer with the Bruce Willis feature Tears of the Sun. This one also has no special features announced with it, but we do know that it will be available on June 7th, click here to get yours.

Gone in 60 Seconds (Unrated Director’s Cut)

Another director’s cut comes to us in the form of the Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie effects fest Gone in 60 Seconds, while the film is pretty much a popcorn flick for car lovers a director’s cut may be enticing to some, along with the special features this one offers:

    Four Featurettes:

  • Zero to 60
  • Wild Rides
  • The Big Chase
  • Stars of the Film
  • Conversations with Jerry Bruckheimer
  • Action Overload highlight reel
  • Theatrical trailer
  • The Cult music video

You can click here to get your copy on order.

Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Collection

Unfortunately this one hasn’t hit the Amazon.com database yet, but we can still tell you what to expect in what may actually be Keanu Reeves‘ best performance as Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey collide in a special DVD collection, which offers up the following goodies:

  • Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  • Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

Non-Bogus Disc of special features:

  • Air Guitar Tutorial
  • “The Most Triumphant Making-Of Documentary”
  • “The Original Bill & Ted: In Conversation With Chris & Ed”
  • “Score! An Interview With Guitarist Steve Vai” featurette
  • “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures” cartoon episode
  • “Hysterical Personages: A History Lesson”
  • “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Comic Book”
  • Original radio commercials from the theatrical release
Stripes (The Extended Edition)

The movie that may be considered Bill Murray’s funniest is getting a special “extended” edition treatment as Stripes (The Extended Edition) hits DVD shelves on June 7th. As far as features go we know there will be 18 extra minutes and six deleted scenes, but that is all for now.

Be Cool

Another movie that managed to hit the big screen and get a DVD release date just about as quickly is the disappointing Get Shorty sequel Be Cool, set for a June 7th release date, check out the features below:

  • “Be Cool, Very Cool” making of documentary
  • Deleted scenes
  • Gag reel
  • Close-up featurettes
  • “You Ain’t Woman Enough to Take My Man” music video
  • Theatrical trailer

You can reserve yourself a copy, just click here.

Casino: 10th Anniversary Edition

One hell of a movie and hopefully going to be one hell of a DVD, Casino is getting the Anniversary treatment as well with a 10th Anni release on June 14th. While the special feature list is not yet complete here is what we have so far:

Four behind the scenes featurettes:

  • The Story
  • Cast and Characters
  • The Look
  • After the Filming
  • Moments with Martin Scorsese, Sharon Stone, Nicholas Pileggi and more…
  • Vegas and the Mob featurette
  • History Alive True Crime Authors: Casino with Nicholas Pileggi featurette
  • Deleted scenes

While the complete special feature list is not available, a preorder is, just click here.

A Dirty Shame (NC-17 and R rated versions)

The John Waters comedy featuring Johnny Knoxville, Selma Blair and Tracey Ullman is getting a two version release on June 14th as you will have the option of buying either the R-rated or NC-17-rated version. Besides the rating difference the NC-17 version will be the only one to carry any special features, which includes a commentary from writer-director John Waters and an “All the Dirt on A Dirty Shame” featurette. Click here to preorder whichever one you desire.

Pooh’s Heffalump Movie

Finally in the movie division is Pooh’s Heffalump Movie, the G-rated fare will hit DVD shelves on May 24th with an unknown amount of special features, but in the meantime you can preorder it by clicking right here.


Only one title in the TV DVD section this week and that is “Rescue Me,” the firefighter drama starring Denis Leary. The show airs on FX and has captured audience and critical acclaim and the complete first season will be available on June 7th, click here to get your copy.

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