Are ‘The Watchmen’ in Jeopardy?


Over the past weeks we have seen several ups and downs for The Watchmen flick set up over at Paramount Pictures. The film is an adaptation of the DC Comics series set in the 1950s, centering on a seemingly ordinary man putting on superhero garb to track down criminals and joined by those similarly inclined.

The picture is already moving forward, even an official website has been set up with a message board. Hell, even Paul Greengrass has participated in a large interview with talking about the picture and where he plans on taking it, but changes will be changes, and the changes at Paramount seem to be causing a bit of a stir on the production.

Paramount Pictures is a studio needing a hit film, something that will take them out of the shadows, and while War of the Worlds is likely going to raise the profile a bit, one movie in 2005 just isn’t going to do it. So , you would think that spending a little bit of extra money wouldn’t necessarily be out of the question but it seems the $100 million price tag on The Watchmen is what is causing all the trouble.

However, the film is still a go despite the fact that some crew members have been let go, but studio spokeswoman Nancy Kirkpatrick tells Variety that the film is still moving forward as she says, “We really want to make it… We think it’s a great piece of material.”

So for now things seem to be okay, but not many big movies end up successful when there are ripples in the water this big in the early stages, some may put the tag of “doomed from the start” on this one.

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